How to efficiently use AWS Free Tier services ( RDS,EC2,EIP,S3 ) to host your Website / blog

Read Time: 3 mins

I know you are aware that AWS provides free tier services to new customers for one year. This is mainly to attract new customers to AWS. Actually AWS free tier service encouraged me to start a new blog because other hosting providers make you pay at-least 200INR monthly. Usually bloggers make money with advertisement programs […]

How to periodically Backup your website and MySQL database to local server as well as S3 bucket using Bash script (video)

Read Time: 4 mins

You might have gone through situation where you need simple script to backup your website and database server. In this article, I will explain how you can periodically Backup your MySQL database and website to local server as well as S3 bucket using Bash script. The reason I am writing the backup script in bash […]

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