How to periodically Backup your website and MySQL database to local server as well as S3 bucket using Bash script (video)

Read Time: 4 mins

You might have gone through situation where you need simple script to backup your website and database server. In this article, I will explain how you can periodically Backup your MySQL database and website to local server as well as S3 bucket using Bash script. The reason I am writing the backup script in bash […]

How to Install Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP ( LAMP ) stack in Ubuntu 18.04.1 / Ubuntu 18.10 (Video)

Read Time: 4 mins

In this article, Let me explain how you can setup a LAMP server with default configuration in Ubuntu 18.04.1 /  Ubuntu 18.10. Majority of the websites in the internet are running on LAMP stack which is a combination of Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. LAMP servers are very popular and it is easy to setup.   Before we begin, […]

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