Fix for ‘jenkins dead but pid file exists’ error

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  Here is the Fix for error jenkins dead but pid file exists. You see this error when you check Jenkins service status. One important thing to note that you won’t find this error while starting the Jenkins service. [[email protected] vagrant]# /etc/init.d/jenkins start Starting Jenkins [ OK ] [[email protected] vagrant]# /etc/init.d/jenkins status jenkins dead but […]

I am invincible to SIGHUP – nohup

Read Time: < 1 min

If you are a Linux user, you must know nohup  command. If you don’t now, this GIF should be suffice. Usually when you close your terminal, the shell would send a SIGHUP  signal to all processes(only after terminal receives SIGHUP  from kernel) attached to it. So that processes get to know that the controlling terminal has […]

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