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Hey there! My name is Nijil Raj. I am a Linux lover like you from Bangalore, India. I am presently working as Site Reliability Engineer with few years experience in this field. Automating manual operation tasks is my favourite hobby!  I created this blog to share some of my thoughts and experience in Linux, Webhosting, Automation, DevOps and Programming

If you wonder why the name “Easy as Linux”, people think twice when someone ask whether Linux is easy to work with? Ever hesitated to give YES as the answer? Why is the hesitation? Is it because of Linux is all about commands? My answer is Yes for sure, because my work depends on it :D.

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I will say there are no other Operating Systems Easy as Linux and I am planning to make it easier than ever through my blog. To be honest, I’m no expert in any of this area, but all I have something good to share. Besides, we learn much more by teaching what we know.

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