Fix for ‘ImportError: No module named pkg_resources’ error

Read Time: 1 min

  You will see this error when you try to install a PIPย  package. This error message means Python setuptools is missing or broken.

#Fix1: Just re-install the Python setuptools to fix the issue.

If your Python version is 3.x, then you should install corresponding version of setuptools. Eg. For Python3.4,

Happy […]

Fix for ‘jenkins dead but pid file exists’ error

Read Time: 1 min

  Here is the Fix for error jenkins dead but pid file exists. You see this error when you check Jenkins service status. One important thing to note that you won’t find this error while starting the Jenkins service.

#Fix1: This issue can happen if Jenkins’s user does not have enough permission on /var/log/jenkins and /var/cache/jenkins . Permission issue […]

How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu/Debian using Salt

Read Time: 3 mins

We can easily install Jenkins using tradition package managers like Yum / Apt . But it is recommended to use configuration management tools like Salt , Chef or Puppet for better management. In this article, let me get you through steps to install Jenkins on Ubuntu / Debianย using Saltย . Salt can be used for data-driven orchestration, remote […]

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