Create Wireless Ad hoc network in Windows 8 and 10

I love playing multiplayer games like Counter-strike, NFS etc. But a wireless ad hoc network is relevant to connect your buddies to the game. Creating a wireless ad hoc network in Windows 8 and 10 is a tedious task since we have to use command line tool (cmd) to get it done. Windows 7 has a user friendly option for this under Network and Internet settings in Control panel. But latest versions of Windows have removed this functionality from Control panel.

There are lot of online tutorials for creating wireless ad hoc network using the command line in Windows. Most of the people might feel it as little difficult to work with. So I have developed a small application called WinLAN using which you can create an wireless ad hoc network within seconds.



Download “WinLAN” WinLAN.exe – Downloaded 1875 times – 6 MB

Download WinLAN and follow steps given below:

1.  Open the WinLAN.exe.

2. Give your network name and password in the fields SSID and PASS respectively.


3. Then click on Create button to create your network.

That’s it.  Your network has been created !!!

Note: Click on Stop button to close the network.

15 thoughts on “Create Wireless Ad hoc network in Windows 8 and 10

    1. Admin Post author

      Hey, Hope you are using Windows 8 or 10. Did WinLAN throw any error? If the network is created, your buddies can see it in the network list located at notification area(right bottom side of your desktop).

      1. Jeremy

        Thanks for the reply. WinLAN did not throw an error. It said that the network had been successfully created but that Network is neither visible on my computer nor on my friends. Do I need to change the settings on my computer or am I simply looking for the network in the wrong place?


    Likely a stupid question but here goes. Does this create a peer to peer LAN between two PC’s in close proximity without a router, jut for sharing files etc or is a router needed,

    1. Admin Post author

      A router is not needed in this case. When another computer connects to the LAN network created by you, you can share files with that computer, but you need a software which helps to do that(or Windows sharing service is there)

  2. peter

    What if I do not wish to use a password….I am trying to connect to an hp printer to change its ssid and it does not have a password. your utility does not seem to like a blank in the password field.

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